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Dawn of Defiance

For over a year now, I’ve been involved in a monthly game of D20 Star Wars, Saga edition. We are playing through the Dawn of Defiance campaign as it’s being released, which is being facilitated by Luke (not to mention, being re-written as the adventures are often a little bit lame).

Because it’s D20 and because it can be quite fun, Luke puts a lot of effort into creating the various encounters, utilizing the many miniatures that our group has between us, as well as the library of floor tiles that Luke owns.

Our most recent game ran on the Saturday just past and our characters at this point were level 13. We’ve all been looking forward to the main encounter of this session for a long time as Luke was able to break out his AT-AT figure. It’s to the same scale as the other miniatures, so it’s absolutely gigantic. I share with you the map just before our characters erupted into the scene.


The Imperials didn't think we would be crazy enough to attempt a resuce of our ship if they stationed an AT-AT nearby!

It was a proud moment to have my Jedi character redirect one of the ordinance like laser blasts straight back at the thing. 🙂

The whole session was fun and the spaceship combat that ensued after this particular scene was badass. 🙂