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Reunion: Actual Play Report

The evening kicked off and we were gathered into our respective factions to be briefed before starting. We arrived by elevator, being escorted by an AI (effectively a GM, ours was Bryn who was responsible for writing the Cigani characters). For those of you have not played in the game and think that you might get the chance to one day, probably best that you don’t read any further. ūüôā

There was a bit of conversation as we entered, but as with many LARPs, it’s always a little bit stifled to begin with as people come to terms with their character and the world that is being established around them. I must say that the opening was very cool, and we went through a decontamination process after being advised to wait in a partitioned area. All this was leading up to the entry into the Reunion area. Of all the set dressing I’ve ever seen at a LARP Reunion was the most spectacular, you immediately felt absorbed into a futuristic environment. I would wager that a lot of it came down to the enthusiasm and work of the whole LARP team, particularly Norman’s investment in the project and bar area set up by Sean. I don’t know exactly who was responsible for what but all the organisers put in so much work to make it an exceptionally engaging evening.

The bartender, mixing some drinks.

I spent some time fielding enquiries from people in other factions about what medical advancements the Cigani people had to offer them. I became the medical representative for our people, but for the most part I had no interest in bargaining over medical secrets as nothing seemed to solve the problem that plagued our people. A few things were vaguely in the same ball park, however I knew the solution to our ills, I just needed someone to present us with the problem so that I had an excuse to come up with the answer.

My little brother, Luke’s character (whose character name I forget but he had a limp and a cane) approached me fairly early and propositioned me to synthesize some kind of agent that would counteract the effects of a drug addiction he was suffering from. As it turns out, this is further proof that he was playing House MD, if House was ever dressed like a terrorist. I agreed, but it was something that I ended up having to resolve out of game time as I could not spare the 10 mins to give him the antidote then and there.

My evening revolved around four basic storylines:

-Marianne; meeting my estranged wife and dealing with the conflict this presented because of my feelings for Nadya.

-My dark secret, how I betrayed Nadya’s trust and the conflict about wanting to tell her the truth, but desperately fearing the consequences of revealing my true nature to my adopted people.

-Finding out a subtle way to reveal to the Cigani that their issues conceiving/having children were caused by radiation sickness. As a result of that, finding a means to cure this and in turn helping Nadya, as she desperately wanted to be able to have children.

-And finally, my involvement in the central plot. The AI’s needed 6 worthy candidates to maintain the gate system. Everyone present was compatible to varying degrees and the process involved committing your consciousness to the machine, retaining your identity, but bound forever to this device. I had the highest degree of compatibility and since the consequence of not finding enough willing candidates was the destruction of the entire facility, there was a fair amount of external pressure to submit.

The interface for the gate system, just add willing candidates...

It’s difficult to separate the plot lines out and some were even more complicated then I could ever know in character, but I will try to do it this way because I can’t remember the exact order of events. Suffice to say, this LARP was overflowing with conflict and I constantly had somewhere to be or someone to talk to.

The Marianne/Stephen storyline was so much fun. Jenni has been one of my Kapcon/LARP buddies for a number of years now and it was awesome to have the opportunity to roleplay with her again.

We spent a bunch of time avoiding each other from the outset, even though we recognised each other. Eventually, I confronted her and so began a string of awkward conversations which lasted all the way till the end of the evening. It was very Chekhovian and to an extent, Austen-like, as we would talk about such mundane things despite the fact that we had the gravity of our feelings, 500 years apart and our own pressing concerns weighing on our respective minds. initially I wasn’t sure about whether I still had feelings for her, but I got the impression that she still retained feelings for me after all this time, which I felt was confirmed when I asked whether she still kept my last name, Le Grange, which she did. I was also weighing this against my feelings for Nadya.

Marianne and Stephen, clearly we had a lot on our minds. This was one of my favorite scenes.

After we came to grips with our chance encounter and following that, Marianne’s apology for the circumstances and conflict that lead to our break-up, I settled and I would have her if she would have me. I realised that Nadya would need to know the truth about how I betrayed her and the only way she’d know is if I told her. Once she learnt this truth though, I couldn’t believe she would ever want to see me again so it was better that I disappear. However, I had to break this to her which proved much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Marianne was in a spot because she was betrothed to Alan Copeland 26th (played by Ants), current King of New London in Arboria. We had a really tense scene where he asked me to give Marianne up and to give my blessing for their upcoming nuptials. I’m sure Jenni really appreciated it when I deflected the question to her (;p), saying if this is what she wanted I’d gladly do it. I sort of got the heart in my throat feeling when I said that though, as I thought I’d lost Marianne and Nadya at that point and wished that I’d been more assertive. Marianne responded appropriately and fled the room which was very awesome.

This previous scene was also complicated by some news that Farkes delivered to me that basically got me off the hook with Nadya. Completely blindsided by that news, I was a bit of a wreck. My final moment of the game was a powerful one, which I will mention after I’ve reveled the Cigani side of my storyline.

As mentioned, my major conflict within the Cigani was Farkes’ blackmail and the secret I kept from Nadya. From the start of the evening, Farkes would direct barbed remarks at me when he was talking about what it was to be a Cigani. I can’t remember any specific comment, but I quickly came to loathe him and the power he had over me and the way he actively sought to isolate me.

Over the course of the evening I spoke with some fondness to Aishe and Nadya and it became apparent that Nadya had some feelings for me. I remember pleasant, welcoming smiles from Nadya and I remember how they cut me up a little bit each time.

Over the course of the evening, the AI’s scanned all the attendees with a sort of scanning devices which determined how suitable a candidate was for assimilation with the gate system. It became apparent that myself and many of the Cigani were perfect matches which lead to some pressure from our leader to get more than one Cigani to volunteer. The thought was that if we had more Cigani in the machine, we would have more sway over the gates. One of the Cigani, Mihai, got his hands on one of the scanning devices which could scan a person at a genetic level. Completely by coincidence, Mihai came up to me while I was having a conversation and dropped a bomb, revealing to me that we were all heavily irradiated.

This was excellent news for me, as I pretended to have the sudden realisation that I could treat what was causing the Cignai’s infertility and notified Count Andrei, the leader of our people. This hypothesis was confirmed by the fact that over the course of the evening our radiation levels were steadily dropping, the only side-effect of course was that Cigani would presumably resume aging from each of their apparent ages.

With that taken care of, I was having to deal with how to resolve my guilt with Nadya. I confronted Farkes and told him that Nadya had to know. I thought Farkes was going to be a bastard and play the blackmail card. That was something that I really didn’t care about anymore, but instead he convinced me that Nadya was better off not knowing, that it would destroy her given her currently fragile state. Damnit! I didn’t expect that response at all. So the only alternative I could think of was for me to depart, as I could not bear the guilt which was made worse every time I saw her. Farkes tried to talk me out of it, trying to convince me to live with the guilt and stay with the Cigani. I couldn’t do that, but Farkes once again weakened my resolve to confront Nadya.

The next thing I heard from Farkes was during the conversation I mentioned previously with Marianne and Alan. He burst in and explained that he had revealed the truth to Nadya and had taken all the blame himself. Damnit! Once again more news that threw me right off! I could be with Nadya? But Marianne had returned, I couldn’t leave her again could I?!

I shook myself out of that one pretty quickly, I still had to tell Nadya my part in her betrayal, I couldn’t live with that burden anymore. Which lead to the final series of events and a resolution the played out really well, even if it was a mixture of joy and sadness. I can’t remember the exact order of events, but here it is in a logical order.

In the main room, Marianne came to me and told me that Alan had left Reunion and asked what I intended to do. I responded that I wanted to be with her, but that I had unfinished business on the Cigani homeworld. I still owed them a cure to the radiation sickness they would suffer from while living there. Then Nadya approached us, smiling at me as usual. She explained that she had found out that Aishe was her daughter and I’m pretty sure she was about to express how she felt about me… I interrupted her at that point. I told her of my part to play in her betrayal and that I did so knowingly. I made no effort to justify my actions, just coldly and plainly, told her what I had done. That was pretty heart-wrenching, but I couldn’t complicate things any further and she dashed away.

I was still uncertain about what me and Marianne would do, but the Countess Mala noticed my anxiety and asked what the problem was. I explained that I could not return with the Cigani, that Marianne was my wife and that I was not a Cigani and had been deceiving them for all this time. To my surprise, she implored me to return with them and openly invited Marianne to come with us too. At some point during all this, me and Marianne embraced after all the trials we’d been through. The final in character words that I remember were from James (Count Andrei) where he explained that by my deception of his people, I had proven myself as much a Cigani as the rest of them.


Roll credits and get some final photos taken. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this epic post ūüôā I also won the prize for most LARP nominations, which was totally unexpected and somewhat of an honor given how awesome everyone was at the LARP. Outside of what was my occupying me during the game, I was guilty of eaves dropping on some really entertaining conversations that other people were having, it was all so great!

On a final note, I mentioned that there were times when people would strike up a conversation with me and all I could think of was ‘Oh gawd, I really need to be speaking to someone ‘x’ right now, I don’t have time for this’ which is a testament to how much I had going on. And to those people who fit in the above category, thanks for striking up a conversation with me, looking back on it those little conversations I had really rounded out my experience and it was great to interact with so many amazing, different personalities despite how occupied I was ūüôā

PS. Huge shout out to the GMs and the support team! A big thanks to Bryn for writing me such an intense, awesome character (in the end I never even had to rely on my badass factor!)

See you space cowboy…


My recent enthusiasm for LARPing. Part 1, an introduction and Reunion.

I’ve yet to do a proper account of the fun that I had Kapcon this year; but it also occurred to me that the LARP is usually one of the major highlights for me and coupled with the fact that I recently participated in The Black Hart of Camelot, LARPing is what’s on my mind at the moment.

Prior to this year, I pretty much only ever got involved in one LARP a year and that was at Kapcon. I would justify this based on the fact that I loved the larger scale LARPs where everyone puts in effort to bring awesome costumes and character portrayals to the game, The LARP crew doing the same to bring the scenario to life with set dressing and an excellently written game. For some years now, this has been true but in recent times, more and more opportunities have started to pop up. I can safely say that my hunger for awesome LARPs has increased substantially!

I’m still a bit picky about what I’ll sign up for, I tend to like LARPs with quite an emotional or heroic quotient and failing that, the setting and other people involved also tend to influence my decision. This year, there are four major LARPing opportunities that I’m interested in so far. Two that I’ve played in already: Kapcon: Reunion and The Black Hart of Camelot. The next two games I’m involved in are coming up in the next few months and I’m really looking forward to them, these being: Masquerade on Fleet Street and St. Wolfgang’s Vampire Hunters: Revelations

To each event, I’ll give some consideration in the next few posts that you’ll see here. But for now (and long overdue) is the first half of my report from the Reunion LARP. This is mostly just the set up as my character had a whole bunch going on to take into account before going into the actual evening.

Reunion took place in a Sci-fi setting where many different nations had populated the galaxy as a result of a certain of technological advancements. What connected them all were a series of interstellar gates controlled by AI that had mysteriously closed down and left each of these nations isolated for 500 years. Each nation was presumably suffering from their own problems and the Reunion LARP is set when the gates open for the first time and the first delegations from each nation are reunited.

My character was Stephen Le Grange, an adventurous, humanitarian doctor who travelled the galaxy helping those in need. Prior to the gates closing down, I was married to Marianne Ambrose (Jenni), a beautiful woman with a particularly amazing secret. Her family had learnt the secret of immortality by way of gene therapy/magic science. I was fortunate to have also been given this treatment after our marriage and together we travelled around being dashing and awesome.

After that, Marianne got fed up/jealous of the fact that I spent my time focusing on the plights of others and not on her. We fought with each other more and more, our relationship becoming somewhat bitter. My work was something that I was unwilling to compromise on and we agreed to spend some time apart.

That’s when the gates shut down and I ended up trapped on the Cigani homeworld. In a nutshell, the Cigani people are pretty much space gypsies. They are quite an insular society and if I was going to be accepted as one of them, I would need to become one of them. So I became Mircea, a helpful and reliable doctor. The Cigani people were smugglers, traders and scavengers, never staying in one place too long and always managing to stay one step ahead of the authorities. This inspired the expression ‘The luck of the Cigani’. When I came to the Cigani, it was after they were ‘gifted’ a big hunk of rock to call home, as an attempt to tame these allusive and trouble making people. The hunk of rock, orbiting a gas giant, proved to be an incredible source of wealth and they became very rich. They also mysteriously stopped aging.

When the gates shut, the Cigani thought this was the best thing ever as it meant that invaders or disgruntled debtors could not touch them, but it quickly became apparent that the negatives far out weighed the positives. The people soon found out that what was causing their eternal youth, also prevented them from bearing children. The Cigani homeworld also suffered and it became difficult to sustain crops and they could not trade for food now that the gates had shut. As result the Cigani population dwindled dramatically over the 500 year period before the gates would re-open. It was literally at the point where the handful of people from the photo below were all that was left of the Cigani, and I wasn’t even a true Cigani!

From the right hand side front, people in my story: Aishe, Nadya and Farkes. I'm there in the back!

I had a few major concerns going into the LARP, most were to do with my foster homeworld.

-I knew why it was that the Cigani people ceased aging. It was an effect of the radiation from the gas giant and this effect was also directly responsible for them not being able to bear children. Being immortal, I blended in quite well which was very fortunate! I could not mention this to anyone else however and I certainly couldn’t offer a treatment as this would raise too many questions about who I was and would likely out me. The consequence of this I feared, would be my death. Apparently Cigani are crazy like that.

-I had developed some feelings for a Cigani girl, Nadya. I had met her some time ago when she was in a bad way and with child. Her brother Farkes convinced me that she was drug addled and did not have the capacity to raise a child. Farkes told me that he knew of someone who could care for the child. To this end, I delivered the baby and handed her over to Farkes. I told Nadya that the girl had died during child-birth. When I came to the Cigani people I was shocked to see that Farkes has adopted the young girl as her own daughter Aishe and when I confronted him over this, he effectively blackmailed me into keeping this secret from Nadya. If I reveled our part in this deception to Nadya, Farkes would reveal my secret. I wasn’t sure whether I started to fall in love with Nadya, whether I felt sorry for her circumstance or whether there was something more to it. I knew for sure that I had to look after her though.

-The thought of seeing Marianne again intrigued me. I didn’t know whether she would still want me after all this time, but given that we were at such odds when we left each other, surely not…

-I knew other bits and pieces too, but my evening at Reunion was mostly focused on how to help my people and how unbearable it was to keep such an awful secret from Nadya.

How it all played out in the end was all so incredibly emo and amazing, but you’ll have to wait for my next post, so tune in again soon!

My Mention Of The WC Project

Today it was quite difficult to get back into the swing of work. Usually I’m fine on a Monday, but I wasn’t quite with it today. I guess the last couple of weekends have been without a great deal of rest, not really allowing for me to catch up on anything¬†resembling¬†reasonable amounts sleep. I didn’t sleep very well the Friday night just passed and I had to get up before 7:00am for the second consectuitve Sunday in a row. I’ve had shooting for the Winding City Project these last two Sundays. Yesterday was especially trying as it was a lot of concentration and having to keep your energy up for the better part of 10 hours. Not an easy task by anyone’s standards.

I’ve had an interesting experience on the project so far. Intially I had anticipated playing the¬†otherworldly, and more enigmatic Kaellos. However, it became appparent that the project was without two of the major characters, so I took on the role of the slightly more mundane Bram. There were a couple reasons why I favoured the Kaellos character over Bram:

Kaellos is a smaller part and so I felt I¬†would¬†be more confident in being able to achieve what was demanded of me. I also didn’t really have a very clear idea of what Bram was about as he is far more complex and a lot harder to fully come to grips with. I was also concerned about whether I would even be able to faithfully play a¬†character¬†that has a gay romantic plotline.

The primary reason I took on the Bram character was that there was no one else to do it by the time it was planned to get shooting underway. I mean the opportunity to get back into acting would never be dismissed, so it wasn’t like I did it¬†reluctantly.

After 3¬†relatively¬†successful full days of filming, I’m really glad I have had the challenge of playing Bram. It took a while to even get comfortable with the idea of playing this role, let alone trying to come to grips with portraying a character who, if¬†attempting¬†to sum up briefly, could be¬†described¬†as uncertain. I don’t want to talk about it too much about it for fear of revealing too much about how events and the plot unfolds, suffice to say it’s not been an easy character to try and bring to life.

Which is why I guess it’s been rewarding. I’ve been out of my comfort zone for three whole days and it wasn’t till the end of the Sunday just passed that I actually feel like I’ve achieved something rewarding. We’ve still got a quite a bit to get in the can but it feels like, at least for me anyway, that the really hard yards are over. I’m looking forward to the remaining shots that I have to shoot and trying to be just that little bit more anamated and interesting each time.¬†

Just wanted to quickly say, the green screen set was really awesome, I liked watching myself and Elliot move around in front of it. Mainly because what you get on camera looks nothing like what you are experiencing standing in the middle of an apartment lounge (where the screen was set up).

Obviously, I will have more to report on the project in coming posts, what with all the shooting and rehearsals being full of fun, memorable moments.

It seems like there is a lot going on…

It seems as though there have been a lot of events and various things that have happened since I’ve posted last, though I’ve not mentioned any of it on here. So I will cover various things that I’ve meant to write about in slightly less detail.

After the Star Wars game that I mentioned in my previous post, Giffy and an entourage of friends came down and picked me up to take me up to Waiterere. I stayed over the night and enjoyed the small amount of time that I had with my friends and my Sassa. The highlight for me was swimming in the ocean for the first time this summer. It was kinda overcast when we went out, but thankfully I was peer pressured into it. I love ocean swimming, but mostly only when the beaches are unpopulated by other people, except friends. So while I was a bit skeptical at first, the crashing waves and the presence of friends made it really fun.

I also celebrated my first ever Valentines this year, which turned out to be a relaxing and very lovely affair. In every previous year, I’ve been single come valentines day, so it was a real novelty for me. I’ve never really had anything against the occasion like many do, generally I didn’t even acknowledge it as it’s not really an event that single people get much out of. I mean sure, you can spend time with friends, give a valentine to a secret crush etc, but ultimately the kind of expressions and feelings associated with the day are most rewarding for those in an existing relationship.

I enjoyed being able to do a whole lot of little things¬†to treat my special lady. And not big surprises all at once, but things that would reveal themselves¬†over the course of¬†the day. I also received some very sweet presents too and as I had no prior engagements that weekend, it was nice to be able to relax. It was the same weekend where Jenni linked to a page on, which is the first time I’d come across it¬†and I¬†spent a couple of hours browsing through all the old posts. There’s something about¬†the images¬†that makes me really fond of it, but I can’t put my finger on¬†what exactly¬†at the moment.

I’ve auditioned for Stagecraft’s upcoming production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s easily my second favourite of Shakespeare’s comedies, after Twelfth Night, so I thought it would be fun to put my¬†monkey back in the box that is¬†stage acting and see what happens. It turned out that the Director was running group audition sessions which meant that I actually had *fun* at an audition! Usually auditions are tedious things where you need to prepare a random monologue and perform it cold in front of¬†a scrutinising panel¬†maybe consisting of¬†director, producer and stage manager etc. This archaic form of auditioning is not really conducive to finding people who are best suited for a particular role, so I’m glad it was different.

I was a bit rusty at first and the passgaes chosen were¬†not cut in any form, meaning¬†they were¬†fairly convoluted in places.¬†I still had a lot of fun, especially since Grant and Regan were auditioning at the same time as me. Apparently they have 80 or so people lined up to audition for the show, so the director indicated that no one is guaranteed a role. This was also quite daunting as our audition group were talented, animated and as a whole, competent stage actors. That being said, there is still some hope for me getting role, as only about 20 of the 80 people auditioning were male, which means I’ve got better odds for being offered a role ūüôā

We’re going to be trucking through the remaining¬†filming of Winding City, starting this Sunday. I’m¬†a bit¬†nervous about the whole thing and while the projects’ been pretty cool, I’m looking forward to these first episodes being over and done with. The reason being is that we started in November when I liked my hair, but since then¬†I’ve wanted to get rid of¬†this long, annoying, and frankly unattractive¬†do for a long time. I was a bit miffed that all 4 episodes of the show have been written as occurring¬†on the same night, so I need to wait till all the filming is complete before I cut it off¬†:/

Finally, here’s the intense¬†awesomeness that is White Lion (maybe they are just called Lion?) doing the theme for the original Transformers movie. It’s a must see and must hear for it’s amazing hair metal-ness: