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Am I dead!? No, just really freakin’ lazy

In an effort to kick my regular blogging back off, I wanted to put up a quick post with all the things you can expect to hear about in the not to distant future. It’s been a pretty hectic start to the year but there is heaps of awesome stuff going on and then some not so awesome stuff too.

So, here’s a list of what’s coming up for all my honchos out there:

-Kapcon! Holy crap what a kickass RPing event, constantly justifying why I’ve been every year for the last 11 years.
-Kapcon LARP! This deserves its own write up given that it was a pretty epic occasion.
-LARPing that I’m getting involved in this year, and LARPs that I’m already signed up for like Dark Hart of Camelot and St Wolfgang’s Vampire Hunters.
-The other RPing games that I’m getting into this year. My Exalted campaign ‘Red Sun’, Luke’s Eberron game which is kicking off this weekend and hopefully getting back into our lapsed Warhammer Fantasy game with James. I’m sure others will present themselves too.
-Getting involved in pole-dancing towards the end of last year and what that’s all about.
-More music! I’ve come across some awesome stuff which I just know you’re going to love! At the moment I’m amped about BT’s new album These Hopeful Machines which is out here in about a week and already out in the States.
-And likely anything else that I’m bound get unreasonably excited about.

All this blogging going on has got me motivated, I’ll cross post when I’ve got them updating hook ups for you.


No luck with the audition

So I found out recently that I wasn’t considered for a role in the production of Midsummer Night’s Dream that I auditioned for. It’s not entirely unexpected, I was by no means amazingly good and their were lots of people auditioning so they could easily fill the roles.

The only reason it bothers me is that I wasn’t even considered for a call back. But that’s all one, I guess I feel this way because I actually felt good about the initial audition for a change. Still, it’s not really about whether you can do it, or how well, it’s about whether you’ve got the right look and feel for the director putting the show together.

The producer rang me up this week and asked me if I wanted to be involved in any other capacity on the show, as I had indicated that I had other skills which might be of use. She wanted to put me in touch with the costume designer to work with in a creative capacity. I’m not sure of a name, but I was told that she has previously worked with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, so it sounds like they’ve got someone with experience on board.

It’s by no means an immediate commitment, so I’ve got some time to consider whether this is the kind of thing for me. I’ve done a bunch of costume design previously and have otherwise been encouraged by directors of shows I’ve been in, telling me (where I’ve taken it upon myself to assist in costuming) that I have an eye for detail. 

At least that’s something huh.

In other news, I’m undeniably white 🙂