A couple of complete unknowns

Well to me anyway… Todays post consists of a two tracks from two bands that I know absolutely nothing about, but have stumbled across in my various travels. At this stage I plan to acquire more knowledge and obtain some of their albums but this is what we have for the time being. Both these entries have an indie bent but likenesses differ pretty significantly.

The Pounding- Doves

I’ve listened to a few of their tracks since first hearing them at work. This track is one of my favorites and so far I’ve been able to listen to it over and over. I’d compare them to Athlete or Snow Patrol but they defintatley have their own unique flavour. I can’t seem to get enough of the marching rhythm they’ve employed for this track.

Knights- Minus The Bear

Another amazing wee gem, and suprisingly I discovered this track from playing Saints Row 2 for PS3. I can’t think of exactly who these guys remind me of, but they have some good friends in Bloc Party and Incubus. Strange combo I know, but the guitar definitely smacks of Mike Einziger’s style. This one has a truly addictive quality to it, which has only left me wanting more.

Check it and enjoy 🙂



  1. Jonathan Ball Said:

    It’s been over a month since the last update Nick…

  2. pandapitt Said:

    Fair call, I’ve fallen off the grid a bit. Time spent watching Bones, working on Exalted and work being hella busy has sucked up my time and will to be on teh interwebs. I was just thinking about this today and will do some posting tonight…

    • Jonathan Ball Said:

      How’s that posting “tonight” coming along ;-).

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