Moved house…

So the last week has seen an upheaval of my normal weekly routines, this is because I’ve moved into a new place. As of Friday night passed, Myself and Conan are installed in Sefton St, Wadestown. Some of you may know the place as Luke and Sam’s old Wellington flat, so those people will know where to find us.

It’s been busy trying to get everything organised that we will need to live (the problem with previously living in a flat which was fully stocked), but it’s all worked out in the end and we even promptly had internet and power sorted. My older brother was a huge help with the moving aspect of things on Friday, lending his driving skills to our cause. My mum helped out a whole bunch on Saturday by taking me around town to pick up the majority of the things necessary to have a working kitchen.

I still need to get hold of a heater and laundry hamper; for the flat we still need to get hold of dehumidifier and some seating for the lounge area. Currently our lounge consists of a giant pillow, and a not so giant pillow. Otherwise, it’s looking good at the moment.

So once again you need to suffer through my excuses for not giving you a music update (to be fair, the 48 hour Film Festival stole an entire weekend too!). In my next entry I’m going to be talking about an old favourite, Snow Patrol and a band that I’m currently digging, The National. Stay tuned for that in the not too distant future….



  1. Debz and Matt Said:

    Happy moving! That’s a pretty cool flat, and it has good roleplaying mojo 🙂

    • pandapitt Said:

      Yeah, once we get some seating it will be totally sweet!

  2. giffy Said:

    Yay for moving. I think I got our dehumidifyer at the Warehouse a few years back. Just think, weekend after next, Queen’s Birthday Sales!

    • pandapitt Said:

      True true, I think I saw your dehumidifier when I was at the Warehouse last… good point about the sales.

  3. Luke Said:

    Remember I have a dining room table with 3 chairs and a two seater sofa you can have for free (subject to you working out how to pick them up from Kapiti).

    • pandapitt Said:

      Yeah, that may be exactly what we need, just have to arrange to get them from you. I will let you know what our plans are 🙂

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