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Time, I can has more?

Hardly wishing to neglect my blog, it just seems as though there has been a lot going on or I have otherwise not been motivated to talk about all the interesting things I want to report.

But here I am, I find myself with some time to address this issue.

As most of you who know me and have heard me talk about music, you will likely be aware that I have quite the obsession with Bloc Party. I would go as far as to say that they are my favorite band and have been so for quite sometime. For the longest time I’ve thought that I had a rather complete collection of all the tracks that they had released, though today I find that this is far from the case.  I was looking around Itunes today and realised the extent to which Bloc Party songs have been remixed. I have quite a few amazing remixes of what are already fantastic songs, but I stumbled across a whole bunch I’d never heard and instantly loved.

I find that when you have a music obsession like the one I do, you want to collect everything you can. Part of it is so you can compare the extent of your fandom to other fans.The other part of it is that you adore everything that said band has ever released (regardless of it’s quality) which also means that any new song you can get is the new thing you can thrash as you’ve already well-thrashed everything you’ve got.

Recently my Sassie pointed me to the music blog Tympanogram. I’m glad I came across these guys as they seem to have some similar preferences to my own and I suspect it’s going to be another successful way for me to expand on my musical tastes. Recently one of the authors wrote an entry on some Bloc Party rarities which included a couple of available files. I had already accumulated these tracks through various means, but I left a comment mentioning the fact that I had not been able to find the track Cavaliers and Roundheads. In response to myself and another commenter, I now have the trackCavaliers and Roundheads so a big shout out to Tympanogram, thanks dudes.

I know now that I have a lot of collecting to do, which is a good thing, as it still means there is plenty more for me to experience. As a parting note for this entry, I recently learned that the music video for one of the latest Bloc Party singles One Month Off is a homage to the early stop-motion nursery rhyme projects of Ray Harryhausen.

I will provide you with some links to check these out yourself: Mother Goose Stories. Now compare this to Bloc Party’s One Month Off. Very cool.

More from me soon.