Reptilian Complex

Generally speaking, I don’t often recall my dreams much after the point where I wake up and prepare for any given day. I did have a dream last week which I recall part of relatively vividly.

I think for the most part it was inspired by having watched Almost Famous the night before at Movie Night. I was the new drummer for The Strokes and we were touring around bars. The rest of the band were really laid back and really supportive in showing me the ropes. I already new all the new songs but was still learning the old repertoire. Suddenly some kind of conflict broke out with another band present and it was decided to resolve the situation by having a rock off (naturally). Unfortunately, we had to play the old stuff so I stood back as the vocalist took over the percussion too. To be honest, it’s pretty weird, considering the fact that I’ve no idea what any of the band are like and only a rough idea what they look like.

I must say that it was a pretty sweet dream regardless, but it’s a perfect opportunity to bring up the fact that I recently added Room On fire, to my Strokes collection.

It’s the second Strokes album and was released (ages ago in October 2003). It’s an important album to mention as the single Reptilia is what sold me on the Strokes. Many will attest to the addictive quality of the killer guitar riffs that erupt from the beginning, right the way till the end of the track. The energy of which is matched by the steady but powerful rhythm section, the raspy, seething vocals give it an amazing edge that completes the package.

All that being said, I also love the other singles that were released from this Album at the time, 12:51 and The End Has No End.

I think what impresses me the most is that The Strokes have an amazing consistency of quality across all three of their album releases. I would like to say that Room on Fire is my favorite album they’ve released, but that’s only because it’s the one I’m listening to at the moment.

The Strokes

Looking at Is This It, I loved the tracks Take It Or Leave It, Hard To Explain, and Soma. Listening to First Impressions Of Earth, A whole bunch of tracks stand out (You Only Live Once, Ize Of The World and Electricityscape). I’m always impressed with a band where it’s hard for me to decide which album is the stand out, usually a band’s style is so liable to change as they are taken in different directions by new influences.

Not so with The Strokes. Far from stagnant when it comes to variety, it really goes to show that their is no point in changing a good thing, especially when that good thing is a rock styling which seems to span generations of fans.


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